The past 2 months we didn’t have the choice to go out.
But long before that did we actually had the choice to #stayAtHome?

You don’t have a choice when you can’t have a relaxed weekend without duties.
You don’t have a choice when you spend your hard earned money on crappy things.
You don’t have a choice when your kids are full of activities and rehearsals and extra sessions because so does everybody else.
Actually it is not a real choice when you are able to select any restaurant but you can’t choose homemade food because you are always on the run.

Choice is when …

You hear yourself, rest when you need and spend wisely either money or time.
You really do have a choice when you think what your kids and your inner kid really need.

Now that we have seen both sides of not being free:
Lets keep real choices in our life.
Lets make a better living, anyway we can, with whatever the future holds.
Lets see our new world

That’s life
That’s one life.
Lets do our best